Interactive whiteboards.

Interactive whiteboards (Smartboards and Promethean) are large wall-mounted, white screens that connect to your computer enabling everyone in the room (school assembly, class or business training meeting) to view the screen.

They use touch-screen technology instead of a mouse for navigation and you can even write on them with an electronic pen and then save, distribute and print out the resulting ‘page’.

Interactive learning

Vale Technical has supplied hundreds of bespoke Interactive whiteboards (Smartboards and Promethean), as well as data cabling and IT networks to schools, further education establishments and businesses and as an Approved Smartboard and Promethean Installer, we always take care to ensure that we deliver an appropriate and cost-effective system.

Also, because we are IT network cabling specialists, we make sure that everything is connected and fully synergised (including audio outputs).

We also supply

  • Promethean (interactive learning systems)

  • Digital presenters (to enable you to project printed materials)

  • Interactive wireless slates and tablets

  • Voting systems for meetings (and on screen results)

  • All makes and models of projectors and screens

Plus, to help you plan and budget, we provide a complete and competitive quotation package.

We work predominantly in Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands although often work further afield too.

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